Domain Events and Canonical Message Models

Here are a few givens. First, we have the following Domain Event type: com.saasovation.agilepm.domain.model.product.ProductCreated Assuming that this Domain Event will be published as the payload of the following Message … [Read more]

Implementing Domain-Driven Design Workshop In Colombia

Here I am on a Friday evening in Bogotá, Colombia. This week I taught my Implementing Domain-Driven Design Workshop here. We had a nice group of students, and as usual the class had their eyes opened to what it means to implement with DDD. This was a … [Read more]

Guaranteed Anemia with Dozer

Today I was inspired by Scott Hanselman to get my blogging act together. It's been awhile, maybe nine months or more. It's way overdue. I've been helping a colleague on a (currently confidential) project for the NYSE. The goal is to introduce … [Read more]

Protecting Aggregate Dependencies

On October 17, I presented on Part I of my DDD Effective Aggregate Design essay at the Denver-Boulder DDD Meetup. We had a nice attendance and once again benefited from the use of Quark's conference room. We had a good turn out with around 20 in … [Read more]

DDD Community Essay: Effective Aggregate Design

My essay on Effective Aggregate Design was released late on October 2. In just two days there have been nearly 500 views/downloads. This is clear indication of the challenges faced by many when designing aggregates using the DDD tactical … [Read more]

DDD Meetup: The Role of Grid Computing and DDD

Join us at the Rooster and Moon to discuss the role of grid computing and DDD, and common tactical patterns.  The Denver-Boulder Domain-Driven Design Meetup Group meets monthly or semi-monthly. Follow-up Review: As always Randy Stafford provided … [Read more]

DDD Summit 2011

Portland, Maine Eric Evans arranged for a very unique DDD event, the DDD Summit. This was a forward-thinking and bold undertaking because of the differences that have developed around innovation in the community over the past few years. I … [Read more]

DDD Meetup: Stategic Design with Bounded Contexts and Context Mapping

Tonight Paul Rayner presented on some of DDD's essential strategic design elements, Bounded Contexts and Context Mapping. This was also the topic of my REST with DDD QCon presentation back in November 2010. Paul is one of Eric's DDD Immersion … [Read more]

First Denver-Boulder DDD Meetup

At the first ever Denver-Boulder DDD Meetup we discussed the business value of using DDD. For the discussion I put together the following topics. These are elaborated on in my upcoming book on successfully implementing domain-driven design: Think … [Read more]

Presenting at QCon San Francisco 2010

Here's a link to the presentation I gave at QCon San Francisco in November of 2011. RESTful SOA or Domain-Driven Design--A Compromise? The presentation shows how Context Mapping allows us to use SOA and DDD together, getting the best from … [Read more]