EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Dynamic Router

You may have become a bit bored with the previously discussed routing patterns, Splitter and Content-Based Router. It's not that they aren't necessary or useful. They absolutely are. But they are also sort of simple and much like each other, with … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Content-Based Router

As noted in my discussion on Splitter, a Content-Based Router has a different motivation. While both of these router types are designed to route a message based on message content, the Content-Based Router doesn't break up the composite parts of one … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Splitter

There are various ways to route messages, including Content-Based Router, Dynamic Router, Recipient List, Splitter, Aggregator, Scatter-Gather, Routing Slip, and Process Manager. In time we will take a look at each of these. For now let's discuss … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Content Filter

With Envelope Wrapper we already dealt with the situation where an external message is incompatible with our local Actor System. We used to Envelope to both adapt the external message to one locally acceptable, and we also designed the Envelope to … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Content Enricher

With the Envelope Wrapper an incompatible message from an external system is made compatible with our Actor System. Yet, the opposite situation may be true; a message that the local Actor System needs to send is not compatible with an external system … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Envelope Wrapper

We've discussed a few different ways to use Return Address with the Actor Model, which allows a message-receiving Actor to reply to an Actor other than the direct sender or forwarder of the message. Sometimes, however, it might work out for the best … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Return Address

Since you understand how to implement a Request-Reply using Actor Model, what if you want your Request receiver to Reply to an Actor at an Address other than the direct message sender? Well, that's the idea behind the Return Address pattern, and one … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Request-Reply

This is the first in a series of simple posts about using Actor Model to implement the EAI Patterns. The patterns are from the book Enterprise Integration Patterns, by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf. Information about the book and the patterns are … [Read more]

It’s Not Just About Authorization, It’s About the Ubiquitous Language

Recently someone asked questions about the IDDD sample code and authorization. Basically the question was, why can't I authorize the user in the model to start a new Forum Discussion? The developer would pass in a "session" object to the Forum … [Read more]

An Interview with Vaughn Vernon on Implementing Domain-Driven Design, Conducted by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

See my interview on InformIT.com regarding my book, how to get started with Domain-Driven Design, and how you can enjoy a no-limits toolset when you do. Get a fresh perspective on using DDD in an agile environment, and how to employ DDD at the "most … [Read more]