EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Message Channel

After a discussion of all those fancy doodahdah filters, routers, and buses, we are back to the plain old Message Channel. Yes, I did skip the Process Manager. We will get back to it, but for now it seems we all need a bit of boredom. Well, not … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Message Bus

You have a number of disparate business systems, from purchased commodity applications, to custom developed applications that help achieve competitive advantage, to those of integrating business partners. You need all of these systems to work … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Message Expiration

If it is possible for a given message to become obsolete or in some way invalid due to a time laps, use a Message Expiration to control the timeout. While we have already dealt with the process timeouts in the Scatter-Gather implementation, this is … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Claim Check

When you need to break up a composite message into smaller parts, but provide access to any of the parts on demand, use a Claim Check. Consider the Claim Check a unique identifier used to store and access a checked item. You pass as part of a … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Resequencer

At this point we've covered a number of Message Routers in addition to some less complex, but essential, messaging patterns. With regard to my discussion of Request-Response, Ramesh Mandaleeka asked a few questions about Actor Model and message … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Scatter-Gather

We've actually already stepped through one implementation of Scatter-Gather. This was the combination of Recipient List and Aggregator, which provides the first of two Scatter-Gather variants. The second variant—that of using a Publish-Subscribe … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Aggregator

The Recipient List example didn't demonstrate how the PriceQuote replies are assimilated by the MountaineeringSuppliesOrderProcessor. To correlate PriceQuote replies to the original RequestForQuotation we need to use the unique rfqId that has been … [Read more]

First Ever DDD eXchange in NYC with Discount

Join me and Skills Matter in NYC on September 17, 2013, for the DDD eXchange. The event begins at 9:00 am. I will be there with Eric Evans for the first ever DDD eXchange in DUMBO, New York City. After 5 years hosting the leading conference for … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Recipient List

We've looked at a few different kinds of Content-Based Routers, and Recipient List is yet another. A Recipient List is compared to the To: and Cc: fields in an email message, where you specify any number of intended recipients of the email message. … [Read more]

EAI Patterns with Actor Model: Routing Slip

Use a Routing Slip when a large business procedure logically does one thing but physically requires a series of processing steps. This achieves a service composition commonly recognized as SOA. In our Routing Slip process, each step is handled by an … [Read more]